Other high-tech solutions

We have a variety of special state-of-the-art development solutions next to our control modules and wireless communication modules.

Strukton Embedded Solutions offers in-house and on-site high-tech engineering services.

8+1 Board for Super Computer (IBM & ASTRON)

We are proud that we have developed the state-of-the-art, high-speed, 8+1 backplane board for this next-generation super computer.

8 plus 1board
  • The 8+1 backplane is a prototype board to check the feasibility of placing 8 high-speed computing modules on a single PCB
  • The backplane combines high current signals with high speeds
  • Following the 8+1 board, Strukton will work on a board which will hold 128 (or even 256) computing modules
  • The backplane board consists of 24 layers, the next version consists of even 32 layers

Tunnel Technical Installation (Avenue2)

Strukton Embedded Solutions helps designing the tunnel technical installation (TTI: operating, monitoring, controller) of the A2 Tunnel through Maastricht. The tunnel will have two double-stacked pipes, which makes its design unique in the world. This forced Rijkswaterstaat to introduce a new national tunnel standard (the Landelijke Tunnel Standaard (LTS)).

Click here for more detailed information on Avenue2

Continuous Paving

Strukton Embedded Solutions has developed the continuous paving system, which is used by paver operators when asphalting roads. The continuous paving system:

  • Gives advice to paver operators regarding the optimal speed of paving to ensure that the next cargo of asphalt is still on-time
  • Uses GSM/GPS modules that are placed in trucks and uses the Strukton continuous paving website to advice the paver operator
  • Is a low threshold solution since it does not require any coupling or adjustment to asphalt stations or trucks
  • Cleverly detects whether trucks are full, empty, loading or unloading solely based on GPS positioning information and advanced software algorithms from Strukton

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