Manage data & Interface

We present and visualise relevant data, including data enrichment, in an easy and accessible way, combining both internal (self-acquired) data as well as data from external sources. Data representation matches the targets of operational asset management and predefined KPIs.



  • GIS
  • Tableau
  • POSS management dashboard: The POSS management dashboard provides an overall view of the performance of assets based on RCM, including trend lines in behaviour, maintenance reports, comparisons between points, contract areas, etc. Coupling with erp/SAP/MAXIMO systems is possible to ensure that the dashboard is always up-to-date.


IRISSYS®: This software system supports the processing of inspection data with automatic correlation processes for time and location determination or quality checks of source data. The software can be used for all kinds of inspection systems and inspection data. The different data sources are shown, helping the user to recognise causes and risks rather than just making symptoms visible. Coupling with erp/SAP systems is possible. Further information

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