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We develop, implement and execute measuring and monitoring plans and services in order to collect data as input for maintenance and KPIs. In so doing, we identify the relevant parameters and thresholds based on the operational asset management strategy.



  • Track geometry measurement: Eurailscout’s inspection vehicles provide high-precision track geometry data and high-quality video images. All data is recorded on the vehicles that can operate at speeds up to 160 km/h thus avoiding any disturbance to other railway operations. Further information
  • Rail testing: Eurailscout’s rail testing equipment and ultrasound track inspection systems can be used for basic rail safety testing, vertical split head detection, squat detection, head check detection, profile measurements, rail corrugation identification and track gauge measurement. Further information
  • Switch inspection and measurement: Eurailscout provides automatic switch inspection measurement vehicles consisting of a switch measurement system taking noncontact measurements and an inspection system that takes high-quality images, mounted on a specially developed wagon. Further information
  • Overhead line inspection: Eurailscout provides measurement trains that carry out a full survey of overhead lines at speeds of up to 160 km/h. Further information


  • POSS: A monitoring platform for railway infrastructure and rolling stock. POSS continuously monitors railway assets (point machines, track circuits, wheel shunt, level crossings, rail temperature and onboard monitoring of rolling stock) and identifies deviations from the standard operational settings. We developed the system, combining railway maintenance experience with technological expertise. Further information 
  • Switch measuring tablet: The switch measuring tablet allows maintenance teams to measure and analyse the switch geometry on site. This method facilitates one-stop maintenance and therefore reduces the downtime of switches due to maintenance.


RCM at Docklands Light Railway:

Client: Serco Docklands Ltd, operator and manager of Docklands Light Railway (DLR), a driverless system connected to the London Underground and London City Airport.
Client question: Monitor the system to prevent failures and improve system availability.
Our solution: Installation of the POSS monitoring system to measure the motor current of the point drives, the direction of the runs and the outside temperature. The data is sent via GPRS to the POSS cloud server. The Serco maintenance engineers have real-time access to the data via a web interface on their laptops or smart phones. After successful pilots at Canary Wharf station and Backchurch Lane Junction, Serco chose for a network wide rollout of POSS point monitoring and POSS axle counter monitoring prior to the London 2012 Olympics. In the weeks before the games, the POSS system was tested along with other improvements, resulting in the best availability scores ever achieved by DLR. DLR’s services during the Olympics turned out highly successfully.

Performance Leap of Turnouts

Client: Railinfrastructure Manager of the Netherlands
Client question: Reduce specific technical failures in turnouts by 50% within two years.
Our solution: Adapt the maintenance strategy, modify and improve the mechanical and technical elements of turnouts, systematic analysis of failure by RCA, implementation of POSS monitoring in the maintenance approach and combine this with RCM app technology to help achieve this goal.

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