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Strukton Embedded Solutions

Strukton Embedded Solutions is a full service embedded technology partner within Strukton, is currently active in the Benelux via regional offices in Son, Enschede and Utrecht (all in the Netherlands).

The technology focus and specialist knowledge of Strukton Embedded Solutions can be grouped into these technology focus areas:

During development also in depth knowledge is available within Strukton Embedded Solutions regarding:

  • High-speed PCB development
    For the super-computer of IBM & ASTRON, Strukton Embedded Solutions has developed the state of the art, high-speed, 8+1 backplane board, currently consisting of 24 layers. More info can be found in “Other high-tech solutions
  • Pre-compliance testing
    Developing electronic products for the B2B markets means adhering to many compliancy standards and regulations. During the development of several (customer) products we build up specialist knowledge and practical experience with many standards and qualifications such as CE type approval, e/E type approval, EMC/ESD (EN 61000), Safety (EN 61010, EN 60950, EN 60079, EN 61241, ISO 26262), RAIL (EN501555) and Automotive (ISO 15504, ISO 16949, ISO 26262).

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