Energy Solutions

Strukton is active in the fields of electrical power generation, transmission and distribution. We focus on power plants, (offshore) power substations, (offshore) wind farms and other forms of (renewable) energy.

High- and medium voltage infrastructure

Strukton Systems is an independent system integrator and has projects in the field of medium- and high-voltage electrical distribution. Using the latest engineering tools and techniques, Strukton Systems is able to design virtually any electrical power distribution system. Its technical experts and installation teams can carry out all aspects of electrical engineering work.

Power generation

Strukton Systems is your partner for Design & Construct projects for power generation. We have the knowhow to realise this kind of projects from feasibility study to completion. If desired, we can offer you export financing in cooperation with Strukton Integral Projects. Strukton Systems designs and realises waste incinerators, biogas plants, biomass combustion and combined heat and power plants. Strukton Systems offers this kind of projects as EPC contractor, from project start to turnkey delivery.

Energy Storage

In the current energy landscape, with a lot of emphasis on sustainable energy like solar and wind, it is key to develop the possibility for energy storage. For this purpose several concepts are under development, like large scale battery storage, Compressed Air Energy storage (CAES) and storage based on kinetical energy by means of a flywheel. Other forms of energy storage are hydro power and energy storage in the form of ice or heat. Strukton Systems delivers the implementation of these systems in the existing electrical infrastructure, inclusive protection- and selectivity studies, EMC studies, cable dimensioning and optimization of the design.

Energy solutions for railways

Strukton Systems manages critical processes involving traction and power supply for railway systems. We have considerable experience in the construction and renewal of (traction) substations, distribution systems, light rail and metro network connections and catenary systems. We deliver customised and complete medium voltage distribution systems, rectifiers, direct current distribution systems, protection systems and traffic management systems.

Onshore Wind Farms

Strukton Systems is able to offer a complete solution for the balance of plant for onshore wind farms. Strukton Systems and its sister companies are able to provide all services required. This includes piling, foundations, road construction works, array and export cable connection and substation(s). Strukton is also able to build wind farms based on DBFMO (Design, Build, Finance, Maintenance and Operation). Strukton offers these services around the globe.

Maintenance for high- and medium-voltage infrastructure

Strukton Systems is an independent service provider for the maintenance of electrical infrastructure. Strukton Systems provides a complete package and services including emergency maintenance services, preventive maintenance, trouble shooting, and refurbishment or extension of existing infrastructure and studies. Its experts are well educated and trained to perform maintenance on a large variety of systems. 

Installation Responsibility

Companies and (semi-) government institutions are focusing more and more on their core activities. Due to this tendency, there is less space for supporting departments like technical services. Besides, companies and institutions would like to save costs for training and education, whereby the specific knowledge of technical systems and installations is disappearing. Strukton Systems is anticipating on this market trend by offering installation responsibility. Hereby is Strukton Systems the technical conscience of the client. The technical installations, like a privately owned medium voltage distribution network, are periodically inspected, and the resulting work will be outsourced to companies with the right level of knowledge and experience. Strukton Systems will also take responsibility for the preparation and safe execution of all switching operations, inclusive HSE plans, safety instructions and switching plans.

Offshore Transformer Substations

Strukton Systems is partner in the Strukton Hollandia. Strukton Hollandia offers offshore substations for wind and tidal energy on a turnkey basis.

Maintenance of offshore substations

Strukton Systems provides for the maintenance of offshore substations as an independent service provider. Strukton Systems operates in the Dutch, German, Belgium and British waters. Its experts are well educated and trained for offshore activities and are certified for working under harsh circumstances.

Strukton Systems maintains all primary and secondary installations, emergency power systems, substation utilities as well as navigation and rescue aids. Strukton operates a 24/7 manned monitoring centre where systems can be monitored and alarms can be handled. The expatriation of experts will also be coordinated from this centre.