POSS Railway condition monitoring

POSS® is the Dutch abbreviation of Strukton’s Preventive Maintenance and Fault Diagnosis System. Strukton developed the system to optimally perform its maintenance contracts. The aim: by predictive maintenance contribute to optimally reliable, available, maintainable and safe railways. Strukton combined its international railway maintenance expertise with its technological expertise to develop POSS®.

Optimising maintenance

POSS® continuously and remotely monitors the condition of essential assets in the railway infrastructure and rolling stock. It has proven to be a powerful tool to support asset management, optimise maintenance and increase the availability. POSS® allows condition-based maintenance, where repairs are only undertaken when necessary. Maintenance frequency can be reduced as a result, which leads to lower operating costs.

Minimum breakdowns

POSS® also provides trend information from measurements for further analysis on the nature of breakdowns. This helps to assure that recurring breakdowns can be reduced to a minimum. This again leads to lower operating costs. POSS® makes it possible to check the condition and quality of objects after commissioning, maintenance and repair work. It is therefore a useful tool for quality assurance. Finally, the event data is converted into information for different user roles, from management to engineer.

In short: using POSS® for maintenance results in:

  • fewer breakdowns
  • lower operating costs
  • increased efficiency
  • higher availability
  • quality assurance

Cloud concept

POSS® is the only railway asset monitoring system in the world that uses the Internet cloud principle. All relevant information about the condition of railway objects is available in the POSS® cloud (www.possonline.com).

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